Keep balance in your training

In our life we are all 'bombarded' with television’s and magazine’s images with perfect looking, slim bodies. You can find plenty examples of work outs “killers” which pushes you to maximum effort. They offer you to follow strict diets and to buy a lot of new fancy looking artificial products without consideration of your health and how it will effect your body and mind. Most of you would like to achieve slim perfect beach body as soon as possible. The price which you pay for that might be high you can pay with your health.

There is a simple way to achieve slim healthy body.

I can make it simple for you just follow this steps:

  •  Do not exercise to your limits it is risk of injury. It can cause unbalances in your body, especially on hormonal level. It can stops you to lose body fat.
  • Do not cut calories intake. When you train you need to eat properly. You have to eat balanced amount of calories from carbohydrates, fat, and protein.
  • Do not use fat burners they have big effect on your nervous system. It can be dangerous for your heart and you can feel exhausted after when energy level drops down. 
  • Do not use protein shakes and bars there are full of artificial sweeteners and chemicals. They can cause abdominal obesity you can have problems to digest them as well.
  •  Don’t use low fat products they cause abdominal obesity and they can make you feel hungry after as body is not recognizing them as food.
  •  Avoid no pain no gain principle. Make training routine and train with progression. You will avoid muscle pain, stiffness, injuries, frustration and you will enjoy the training.
  •  Sleep well and eat regularly. Balance with good diet and sleeping is the best way to feel good with your body and mind. It is the key to lower percentage of body fat and to keep flat tummy. 

Make your life enjoyable, healthy and simple.