Understanding motivation

Motivation is a very important subject in our life. This can be a factor of our success. Motivation is responsible for our decisions and how we create our life.
By motivation we could describe the reasons for people’s actions, desires and needs.
Freud believed that there are only two basic drives of motivation: life and death. He believed that everything what we do, all our decisions we make is because of this two natural surviving instincts.
I could agree with Mr Freud partly but if I choose to live I would like to live fully and I would like to find other motivation factors than death and to avoid destruction so I could achieve my higher needs and realize my dreams. We can go a bit further and analyse Maslow’s pyramid which says that first we need to satisfy our basic needs like: hunger, sleep, thirst, sense of security and than we could concentrate on higher level needs like love, education, creativity etc.
Let’s say that all of us are so lucky and our basic needs are satisfied and now we would like to improve our body and mind and start training but lying on the beach and going out with friends is too tempting.
Sometimes we have no motivation because we didn’t get enough sleep or we are hungry so our basic needs are not satisfied. It’s very simple it’s hard to motivate ourselves after long night out in Paceville. Positive thoughts can help. We can think about getting fitter,stronger, healthier and happier or maybe about somebody interesting who is going to the gym as well. All this thoughts can stimulate our limbic system in our brain and can make us motivated for training.

There are few major motives for fitness training:
 Improving skills
 Having fun
 Being with friends
 Experiencing thrills and excitement
 Achieving success
 Developing fitness

We are divided for two types of motivators:

1. Intrinsic Motivation: This persons are self-motivators in sport we could call them self-starters. They do exercises for a pleasure of participation because they love the game. They are driven by internal desire they are not thinking about external reword.

2. Extrinsic Motivation : We can call it as well achievement motivation. Persons with this type of motivation perform activity to earn a reward or avoid punishment. However person with this type of motivation will be a better athlete because of the desire of competition.
There is no doubt that the best way to motivate yourself for training for all people with different kind of motivation factors, is to have your own personal trainer. Intrinsic person will have more fun with new interesting exercises and training methods. Extrinsic will enjoy more competitive training, would achieve his goal faster than on his own and the fast result will be his motivation drive. He can as well perform a perfect technique of exercises to avoid punishment by personal trainer ;).

Don’t worry training is not so scary like it sounds. I hope I manage to motivate you a bit and now you are looking for your sports clothes and getting ready to the gym now.