Corrective Body Balance

My Body Balance classes are a combination of Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, corrective exercise and stretching. These exercises are connected into smooth whole in which you pass from one pose to another and they are synchronized with correct breathing. The aim of the class is evenly strengthening the muscles of the whole body. Here techniques are used to maintain the weight of your own body if it is possible, if not because the person is too weak easier versions are used in the exercise (positions on knees, forearms, etc). This class is improving all components of strength: dynamic exersises (power squat, power lounge) and static execises using isometric contractions (holding one position for a period). To complete the total strength I am using Sun Salutation which are combination of exercises to work on motor fitness, coordination, balance and makes your muscle elastic and involves more motor units. Sun Salutation is repeated minimum 5 times. In my method I’m using exercises that increase mobility in the hips and shoulder joints. It is preventing and helping to cope with pain which cause most common diseases like frozen shoulder and arthritis. Focus is placed on strengthening lower back to prevent common lower back pain and stretching chest muscles which helps you improve your breathing what leads to increased oxygen intake. Strengthening the upper back is as well very important and is used in my method of training. Keeping your shoulder blades together is strengthening the small muscle in between of you shoulder blades (Rhomboid) it helps you to keep upright position. All the exercises and poses are working on your core and strengthening ligaments and muscle in between of your vertebrae. I would say a strong core is a key to the success. Corrective body balance is a class which helps you improve your balance. Balance is integration of that sensory input; and motor output to the eye and body muscles. Balance can also be practiced and improves by strengthening muscles and learn how to keep focus of vision. It is very important in preventing falls especially in old age. After the exercises is always time for relaxation and stretching. First standing followed in lying position. You have time to look in yourself and to connect your body and mind. Consciousness of your body can help to relax your mind.
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