Become a Happy, Healthy Mum

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods in a woman’s life. Furthermore it is as a very physically demanding period. You are expected to gain 11- 16 kg during pregnancy, so you will have to carry this weight every day!

To make this time easy and more wonderful you can start or maintain a regular exercise routine and keep a healthy diet. You need to remember that what you eat are the nutrients that your baby will absorb and be actually formed from. You can’t forget to increase you energy level (food intake) and proper hydration. Regular exercise will boost your energy levels, you will feel healthier and stronger and eventually what is very important is that after you have a baby, an exercise routine, will improve your self- esteem and help you to get back to your previous shape. There is a lot of discussion about training and pregnancy. Let’s make it clear for you. When you are active and healthy there is no reason that you would have to stop training. You can be more careful and reduce the volume of the training especially in the third trimester. If you have never done any exercises before you would have to consult your doctor. If you have no health contraindications you can start a personalized program devised by a professional personal trainer. In both cases if you are an active person or not, training will be beneficial for you and your baby.

The tailor made pre-natal exercise plan:
Aerobic activity, strength training, warm up, cool down and stretching.
Activity which can be safely included in training:
Walking , jogging , cycling , stairmaster, rowing , yoga , pilates, strength training, conditioning training.
Remember strength training in the gym is very important when you are pregnant. You just need to make sure to perform your exercise technique properly.

What to avoid and be careful with:

1. Avoid heavy lifting in the third trimester of your pregnancy.
2. Avoid exercises in extremely hot and humid environments.
3. Listen to your body, don’t exercise to maximum effort and against abdominal pain.
4. Always take heed of your personal trainer’s advice .

With training in pregnancy you can gain a lot of benefits for you and your baby.

These are some positive effects of exercise on your pregnancy:

1. Helps with circulation and providing oxygen delivery to your baby.
2. Decreases feelings of discomfort ,nausea and muscles cramps.
3. Promotes stress relief which calms you and baby.
4. Prepares you for physical demands of labour.
5. Decreases risk of abortion.
6. Increases pain tolerance.
7. Improves your psychological state of mind and self-esteem.
8. Helps you to control weight (fat) gain.
There is no doubt that you need training whilst pregnant even more than normally. Your hormones will change and you might feel lazier than usual. You have to make an effort to do exercise for you and for your baby’s health. This first step is the hardest, but I can assure you that you will feel better after.