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Single Class 7.00 €,  10 Classes 50.00 €


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Pilates provides an excellent way to work back to function and fitness if you are recovering from injury, experiencing chronic pain or had surgery, or need to improve your mobilitystrength, and balance. It is a program that includes components of balancestabilityabdominallower back and all the muscles of the trunk. This training program not only uses your abdominal muscles but also activates all the muscles stabilizing the spinehips, and pelvis. This class stabilizes the spine in the neutral position to keep your joints protected while also using the body as one single unit to maintain perfect posture.  This workout is safe and effective for all ages and fitness levels. It is injury preventative and rehabilitative.



It is a physical method which includes intensive exercise designed to develop inner strength and inner awareness of the muscles and body. Pilates provides a Total Body WorkoutEven though Pilates focuses on core strength, each Pilates work all major muscles in the body and help develop balance through the body to prevent muscle imbalances. Improves Mind-Body Awareness.  Matching your movement with your breath helps connect your mind with your body. Improves Posture –  Pilates focuses on core strength, which is literally the structure that holds your bones in place and keeps your spine in a neutral alignment. This hour is dedicated to people who like a physical challenge – beginner and intermediate.



This workout It is a combination of Pilates with Cardiovascular Exercises like running in the spot or jumping jacks.
This training helps provide you with the strengthstability, and mobility you need to thrive in your life or sports.
Mainly consists of weight-bearing activities, might include light weights or resistance bands.  This training targeting the core muscles of the abdomen and lower back, as these muscles are crucial to proper posture in life.  It is the ideal core strength training program. Weight loss and body shaping will result from this higher intensity core and full-body strength workout that build more muscle and therefore burn more calories overall. This hour is dedicated to people who like a physical challenge – advanced level.



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