If someone asked me to describe my passion in one sentence, I would definitely say it is to share my knowledge and educate others on how to exercise, eat and achieve equilibrium of body and mind. Another one of my passions is the field of science and that’s why my training is based on a well-researched knowledge/understanding of the human body, incorporating, anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics.

Ever since I can remember, the sport has been an integral part of my life. It has all started at primary school with ballroom dancing. As I became older and mastered the dance, my interests evolved and I moved on to martial arts during high school. From then on it, all spiraled and I was so much into sports that the choice of my career path was clear to me. I began my studies at the Academy of Physical Education in 2001 and in 2007 I obtained a Master of Science Degree in Physical Education teaching with an emphasis on sport for disability. My academic studies gave me a thorough knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and physics, nutrition and much more.

This knowledge and my experience were deepened during multiple scholarships and student exchange programs: the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, Gerlev Sports Academy in Denmark and Sports Summer School in Italy. Apart from that, I completed a course in Exercise to Music and an Athletics Instructor Course and Bocce Instructor Course in Poland where I also taught aerobics for all age groups and gymnastic for seniors for few years.

My passion for gym training and weightlifting started in England, back in 2009 when I started my workout at the gym regularly and was amazed how quickly one can shape the body and change body fat percentage. It motivated me to complete the CYQ Level 2, Gym Instructor and Circuit Training at Eastleigh College, England.

I arrived in Malta in 2011 and started working at ‘Feelgood Wellness Spa and Gym’ at the Preluna Hotel and then moved over to the ‘Fitness Point Gym’ at the Point Shopping Centre where I worked as a Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer. I was also a Tutor at ‘Future Focus’ in Floriana, where I taught Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition to future personal trainers.

Working in the fitness industry made me realize that a good workout routine goes hand in hand with a massage to accelerate the positive results of training. Thus I have completed a course in holistic massage and obtained an ITEC Holistic Massage Certificate which is recognized worldwide. I am a certified Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute Instructor. I am specializing in Posture Correction which I am adding to personal training sessions with clients.  I have finished several courses: Pilates for scoliosis, lower back pain, 3D standing Pilates, Pilates with equipment: balls, magic circle, balancing pads, reformer on the mat with resistance elastic tubes, and postnatal and prenatal Pilates. The Pilates classes are great for runners and athletes to prevent injury or accelerate performance.


General aerobics certificate Melania Weglinska

Fitness and Massage Certificate Gerlev PE and Sports Academy Melania Weglinska

Sport Summer School Attendance Certificate Melania Weglinska

Master - Physical Education

Diploma in Holistic Massage

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