Senior training is training for older adults with some health issues which need some extra attention and extra knowledge require to get progress in physical and mental health. If you are a person in need of activities but you are scared  to start on your own my special design Senior Training is perfect for you. I can guide you with a healthy and professional way to reduce pain, feel better or to prevent injuries.
Physical activity can cure most of diseases can replace medicine for diabetics, heart problems, obesity, digestion problems, tiredness, depression even alzheimer, but no medicine can cure lack of exercises.
When you get older instead of taking another new medicine for another health issue the answer is simple start exercise and you will see how the movement and activity can make miracles.
I started older adults training in Poland in 2008. I could observe enormous progress in physical and mental state of my patients/clients. The age group was 60-80 years old woman. This group was getting stronger every class and because that ladies could enjoy the class even more. I could see improvement in strength, cardiovascular fitness, joint motion, coordination, balance and the most important in energy level and mood boost. After the exercise you could see that they looked healthier and happier.
You need to remember that while you ageing your muscle getting weaker and the best way to strengthen them safety with no injuries is by training with personal assistance. Mine training for older adults takes only 30 min – 1 hour . It is combination of strength training, pilates, yoga, mobility exercises, balance exercises, coordination exercises, cardiovascular exercises, stretching and relaxation.
In this training focus is placed on shoulders and hip joints (which cause the most problems in everyday life) and lower back pain.

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