To change your body you have to change the way you think

Personal training sessions include:

  • Pre-tests (muscle strength, endurance, flexibility)
  • Body components measurements: (Body Fat, Muscles Mass, Total Body Water, Daily Calories Intake, Metabolic Age, Visceral Fat, Body Mass Index BMI, Weight, Waist to hip ratio,)
  • Exercise Plan
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Warm up
  • Main session
  • Post-stretching

Training to improve the quality of your life.

1 Session, 60 min – 30.00 €

10 Sessions, 60 min each – 250.00 €

10 Sessions with the diet plan – 290.00 €

1 Session, 30 min – 25.00 €

10 Sessions, 30 min each – 200.00 €

10 Sessions, 30 min each, with the diet plan,- 240.00 €

As a trainer, I am using a holistic approach. My training is always based on health and fitness principles, knowledge acquired during university studies and many years of experience. My clients represent all age groups: children, teenagers, adults and seniors.
You will never train to your limits until you are ready for it. You will achieve your goals and maximum physical and mental potential in a healthy, progressive way. Training sessions are mainly in the gym but I am using the studio and running track as well. I am combining traditional weight training with different kinds of equipment: Swiss ballsmedicine ball, elastic bands, steps, wobble boards, TRX, Bosu ball, sand bags and much more. I am inspired by training methods coming from different disciplines: athletics, martial arts, climbing, pilates, boxing, and Yoga. This knowledge is applied to maximize effects of gym training.
The training session always starts with a warm-up and finishes with cool down and post stretching. Even though training might be challenging you will feel relaxed after the session.
This is the training adapted to your needs.