Benefits of Online Training Sessions:
@ Money Saving
Save money on a gym membership and expensive equipment. All you need is a Yoga Mat and comfortable clothes.

@ Time-Saving
With online training, you are saving time for travelling. Avoid the hectic traffic hours and the troubles with finding the carpark space. Save this time for quality training, friend and family.

@ Train in a comfortable environment
You can train in comfortable home surroundings or whenever you are finding some space for your Yoga mat and internet connection.

@ Personalise your training
Get personal attention in one to one sessions, with a special program design for you, matching your abilities and needs.

@ Easy and Safe Online Payment
Use a Paypal to transfer the money in an easy and secure way.

@ Online Plan
You will receive by email a special design workout plan, to set up your goals and track your progress.

4 weeks Online Pilates Class:
48.00 Euro
12.00 Euro per class

4 weeks Online Personal Training:
60.00 Euro
15.00 Euro per training.

In the price:
* One-to-one, live online session via Skype
* Posture checkup.
* Setting Goals That Motivates You. This means making sure that they are important to you, and that there is value in achieving them.
* Personalized program via email after every session to track your progress and fitness level.
* Easy and safe Paypal payment.

If you are interested in online Yoga Session or Personal training Sessions please send a message via the contact form or call 99583691.