Swedish Massage 60 min, €35.00

Swedish Half Body Massage, 30 min, €30.00

Hot Stone Massage 60min, €40.00

Hot Stone Massage 30min, €30.00

Aromatherapy Massage, 60 min, €40.00

Aromatherapy Massage, 30 min, €30.00

Deep Tissue Massage, 60 min, €40.00

Foot Reflexology & Head, Shoulder Massage, 60 min, €40.00

Foot Reflexology, 45 min €35.00

Head, Neck & Shoulder 30 min €30.00

Back and Shoulder 30 min €30.00

Foot & Leg 30 min €30.00

Oriental Head Massage 20 min €25.00

Warm Bamboo Massage, 60 min, €40.00

Warm Bamboo Massage, 30 min, €30.00

Pregnancy Massage, 60 min, €35.00

Couple Aromatherapy/Bamboo/Hot Stones, 60 min, €85.00

Couple Full Body Massage, 60 min, €75.00

Special Offer

Holistic Journey Massage, Full Body Massage, Foot Reflexology & Oriental Head Massage,
(Essential Oils & Rose Water Hydration Mask).
1 hour 30 min, €50.00 instead of €80.00.

Shimmering Summer Sea Salt & Rasberry Anti Celulities Massage,
(Sae salt & raspberry body scrub).
60 min, €45.00 instead of €70.00.

Energizing Coffee & Sugar Anti Celulities Massage,
(Coffe & Sugar body scrub).
60 min, €45.00 instead of €70.00.

Warm Aromatherapy Winter Special Massage
Hot Stones, Cinnamon, Cloves, Sweet Orange & warm honey.
(Cinnamon & Sweet Orange Essential oils & real cloves honey).
60 min, €45.00 instead of €70.00.

Couple Holistic Journey Massage, Full Body Massage, Foot Reflexology & Oriental Head Massage, 1 hour 30 min, €100.00 instead of €165.00.



Massage and training are just a perfect combination. Massage relieves tension and helps muscles to recover. This is not only good treatment for your body it is an amazing calming treatment for your mind as well.

Muscle tension is information sent from the body receptors to your brain. If you feel pain and tense, your nervous system becomes overloaded and your mind is ”attacked” with all that pain information. That’s why you can’t relax. The symptoms of stress are contributing to most of our health issues. Amongst them: headaches, insomnia, cardiovascular diseases/high blood pressure, obesity, eating disorders, hair and skin problems.

We all need a massage in our everyday stressful life. Why wouldn’t you do something good for your body and mind? Massage will improve your digestive system, lymphatic system, and blood circulation. Your skin will look more beautiful. You will feel like a different, positive and relaxed “you”.

Special discount for booking the massage with personal training sessions.


To book call: +356 9958 3691, OR use the contact form.