My coaching sessions are directed to children age 7-16. If you wish to prepare your child for special competition, sports day, improve strength, power, agility, coordination or just to share a passion for movement, then this is the right choice! Maybe your kid would like to be a sprinter, dancer or a weight lifter? If the answer is yes, I can adjust training to your kid’s needs to maintain and develop a passion for exercise and teach proper technique.

It is also ideal for kids who do not like do exercise and try to avoid it. If your kid doesn’t want to participate in physical education classes, is feeling lethargic or is overeating, coaching can help her/him to start enjoying physical activity. If your kid doesn’t have coordination and suffers from poor balance, remember that all of that can be trained.
I have the experience to work with kids with ADHD. In that case, exercise can realise tension and help to focus.
I was as well physical education teacher for few years working with children in different age groups.

Kids Yoga classes available individual and group training.

Book a coaching session for your kid via consultation form or call 99583691

If you like to see how the session looks like please open the link below.


Coaching 1 session – 15 Euro

Coaching 3 sessions a week – 160 Euro

Coaching 4 sessions a week – 180 Euro


Private Session – 15 Euro

Group Session – 5 Euro per kid (minimum 4 kids in the group).